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Charity Partners & Club Care

WWFC is proud to have partnered with a number of charitable organisations to support our members and the broader football community. Details on these partnerships can be found below.

Reagan Milstein Foundation (RMF)

Source | Blue Mountains Gazette | Wentworth Falls Football Club donated to Indo-Pacific | 01 April 2023 

Wentworth Falls Football Club has donated more than 170 pairs of shorts and shirts to underprivileged soccer players in the Indo-Pacific region.

The idea was proposed by assistant coach and former player Lu-Anne Angwin. “I heard about all the spare and old stock and thought that instead of it just sitting in a storeroom, donating it to a charity would be a good use for it,” she said.

Ms Angwin said the club wants “to give every kid the same opportunities as others in sport, even if it’s just owning a jersey”.

The spare gear is being donated through the Reagan Milstein Foundation (RMF). They donate old or unused jerseys and other football gear to underprivileged communities in Australia and/or the Indo-Pacific region.

The club at Pitt Park has a history of making generous donations. Former club president Lesley Tarlinton said their club sent kits and money to an African orphanage in Budokan, Uganda in previous years and she “used to dedicate a day for canteen take to be donated” too.

The recent donation by the club was 174 pairs of shorts and shirts. They have been picked up by the RMF courier, and sent off, Ms Angwin said.

WFFC hopes to keep in contact with the club who receives the kit. She believes a club in Fiji will be the recipient.

“Perhaps in the future we could have some kids come and play football with Wentworth Falls FC or some Wentworth Falls FC players could go visit the recipients,” she said.

Andrew Presland club president with other club members, Helen Pitcher and Lu-Anne Angwin,

Club Care

Club Care is an aspect of our club that has been developed to support club members individually or as a whole in times of need. Our club support people are individuals with training in counselling, chaplaincy and disaster recovery. They are of course volunteers, and offer their services freely and discreetly to anyone who would like support or just someone to talk to, as well as guidance on seeking more professional support when needed.

For more information please contact Karen or Graeme Paterson on: 0490 699 336 or email

Life Charity Focus

Life Charity Focus Uganda, is a community based, charitable non-profit and political organization operating in Eastern Uganda in Budaka and Kibuku districts

Our club has become affiliated with the organisation through long-time member, Graeme Paterson:

‘When we visited there a couple of years ago the church of 250 people were looking after 275 orphans – either as a result of AIDS, past loss of parents from the Coney and Peoples Army days which started around that region, or simply from rejection by their parents because they could not afford to keep them.

In the last 2 years they started building a kindergarten/primary school for the children such as these. The school started out in tin sheds and is building brick buildings as they can afford through donations – they are on their second or third building now out of a planned half dozen. It has grown quickly as no child is turned away.

They also run a sponsorship program for children in need (similar to World Vision etc) but over 95% of money gets to the children directly, unlike the 70-75% at international charities, and with higher benefits. It is called Life Charity Focus and is based in Budaka and in Nyngan central west NSW.

The children at the school and children of LCF are using the shirts. The games are local as there is very little transport in the area to get children around. Feet is the go.’ 

At times the club will organise fundraisers and other events in support of the children of LCF. If you have any questions or would like to get involved, please contact Graeme at the above email.

Life Charity Focus and is based in Budaka and in Nyngan central west NSW
Life Charity Focus and is based in Budaka and in Nyngan central west NSW