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Bad Weather and Ground Closure Policy

Weather and Ground Closures

Blue Mountains City Council and Nepean Football Federation have strict rules regarding training and playing on fields in wet, stormy or extreme heat conditions.

The WFFC Facebook page and the physical ‘Open/Closed’ sign at Pitt Park are the official points of communication regarding whether training or games are permitted.

Although we will always try to follow official BMCC communications re ground closures, at times Pitt Park may be closed or remain closed, despite Blue Mountains City Council saying grounds are open.  This is due to our Committee having the power to decide to protect our grounds from damage or players from unsafe conditions.

Please obey the official communications from the club in this matter and DO NOT engage in games or training when grounds are closed as this annuls any insurance for you should any accident occur.

Please also refrain from messaging club committee, website or Facebook page regarding closures as we are acting in the best interests of the club and will update regarding closures at our earliest convenience.

Extreme Heat

Football NSW and Nepean Football Federation, in the best interests of players and officials, do not allow matches to be played under extreme heat conditions above 32°C.

Ground closures and cancelled training can also occur due to similar circumstances (although this would be less common as most training occurs in late afternoon/evenings).

Notifications of cancelled games and ground closures will be made as soon as practical and communicated via facebook.

For more information please refer to the Football NSW Extreme Heat Policy